Where To Find Hertz Rental Agreement Number

eRECEIPTSAt the comfort and efficiency of Hertz eReceipts eReceipts is Hertz`s new hands-on service that makes your rental experience more efficient. You will automatically receive a PDF version of your receipt, which will be sent to the email address of your Hertz Gold profile within 30 minutes of the conclusion of your rental agreement. Update your Gold profile nowMore details about the eReceipt service: What happens on the day of return? Within 30 minutes of the conclusion of your lease, we will automatically send you a PDF version of your receipt to the email listed in your profile. Are Hertz eReceipts VAT invoices? Hertz eReceipts are not tax bills, but only detailed fee bills. What if I drove my car back? Please note that if you return to a closed site, all fees will continue to be charged until the site is reopened to businesses. What if I don`t get my eReceipt? You`ll also find receipts for rentals under `Find a Receipt` in your Hertz Gold profile. Also check to see if your profile`s email address is up to date. Geb-hrenHertz does not charge a fee for this service, but roaming data charges may be charged. It is the user`s responsibility to inquire with their respective carriers, as others may be charged. Hertz does not assume responsibility for the costs of registering this service.

Please allow up to 7 days from the return date of the vehicle for a copy of the rental letter to be available. Copies of rental receipts are available for up to six months from the date the vehicle is handed over. . Все машины регулярно проходят техническое обслуживание, а их возраст не превышает 2 лет. Мы предлагаем Вам широкий выбор конфигураций авто: * малолитражные компактные машины для маневрирования по городу. KIA Picanto , KIA Picanto, ia Rio line; KIA-Optima; KIA Sportage; VW Caravelle .