Tsawwassen First Nation Harvest Agreement

Tsawwassen First Nation has the right to negotiate and exchange fish and aquatic plants harvested under its fishing rights with members of Tsawwassen and other Aboriginal people in Canada. Trade and barter do not include sales. „TerminalSurplus“ for Fraser River Chum salmon, the amount available for harvest under the Minister or harvested in Fishing Area 29 of the Pacific or within the Fraser River, by Aboriginal, recreational and commercial fishing; Under the treaty, Tsawwassen First Nation will have the right to collect wild animals and migratory birds for food, social and ceremonial purposes within the traditional territory of Tsawwassen, including in national and provincial parks. This right is limited by the measures necessary for conservation, public health and public safety. The agreement also provides for Tsawwassen First Nation to participate in any cross-sector fisheries consultation procedure for the Fraser River Basin in the event of a procedure in place. „Canadian Total Allowable Catch“ for a fish stock or species, the amount of stock or species that are available for harvest under the ministerial fund or fish stocks or that are harvested in Canadian waters in Aboriginal, commercial and recreational fisheries; Canada and British Columbia retain the power to cultivate and conserve fish, aquatic plants and fish habitat in accordance with their respective jurisdictions. Tsawwassen First Nation will have legislative authority over the internal regulation of their fishery, including who can participate in the harvesting of the fishery and how the harvest will be distributed among Tsawwassen members. (3) A copy of the tax treatment agreement or agreement published by the Queen`s Printer is evidence of this agreement and its content, and a copy purportedly published by the Queen`s printer is deemed published unless proven to do so. „migratory birds,“ birds under federal law adopted under the international convention and are more likely to belong to their eggs; „neutral,“ any person appointed to assist the parties in resolving a disagreement and, with the exception of point 23 of the dispute resolution chapter and Appendix P-4, an arbitrator; Federal and provincial laws apply in the country of Tsawwassen and throughout the traditional Tsawwassen region.