Trade Agreement D365Fo

More information about sales contracts can be found in this documentation. A video is also available here. It focuses on Dynamics AX 2012, but it is quite similar to D365FO and gives a good idea of how it works. If you enter a „Price (Sale) trade agreement, you only have to select „Table“ in the item code box. This is because a price is an absolute value and cannot be the same for all products or for a group of products. D365FO offers features to manage sales agreements (don`t confuse them with trade agreements, as this is a completely different feature). A sales contract is a contract under which a customer must purchase products of a certain quantity or amount for an agreed period of time. The company, on the other hand, offers the customer a special price. Details on the edition of booked magazines and other important utility features of trade agreements can be found in the next blog post. Discount Percentage 1: Empty (since it is a price agreement and not the discount agreement) When trade agreements are established and accounted for, trade contract data are included in the following tables in AOT.

These are very useful for adapting or solving technical problems that arise in the agreements. Once the sales order has been created, the tied sales contract can be found by clicking on the „Attached Sales Agreements“ button. 9. Once trade agreements are concluded, they are displayed under the group form under the Trade Agreements button. 16. Unit (unit of measurement): This is either a buying or selling unit and, after choosing the item, it can be automatically sent from the details form of the item to the commercial transaction lines. This unit can be taken out of order before booking a trade agreement. If a trade agreement is established for a particular unit and the same unit is used in the order, the value of this trade agreement is returned when prices or discounts are charged from the order.

This „unit“ is also used as a parameter for the search for active trade agreements. (See previous Post Trade Agreements in AX – Set-up to find out how active trade agreements are searched) One of the most important parameters of a sales contract is the commitment on which the company and the customer have agreed. Different types of commitments are available in D365FO. For more information on sales commitments, please visit this link. There are indeed several variables: the type of trade agreement Journal line (price, discount), the level of the trading agreement Journal line (all, group, table), and whether the option Continue to look is crossed or not. – PriceDiscAdmtable (entry goes to this table when the Trade Agreement Journal is created) Once trade agreements are established, these must be checked to see if all required fields are properly configured and if no trade logic is violated. To simplify validation, there are different options, z.B. We will now take a look at the options available to track the parameters that were used to determine the price on order. You can use the „Search for Price“ page, which displays „Prices and Agreement Discounts“ and „Product Prices.“ The „Prices and Agreement Awards“ group contains information from trade agreements and the „Product Price“ group contains information extracted from product details.